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Apr 2016 (2)
Columbus was looking into using the Localization so that our Spanish speaking community could change the core screens to be in Spanish.  I found the directions on PowerSource was confused so I opened up a Ticket.  The tech support person stated that I would need to do the translation in Page and Data management for each section my self.  They said there was no turn on button to make everything appear in Spanish.

Have any of you tackled this HUGE undertaking to translate your PowerSchool??

Or was I led astray and there is a turn on spot in PowerSchool or a Pack to download and import into PowerSchool.

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Do you have a block of rooms reserved at any of the hotels?

Yes we do!
LaQuinta Inns & Suites, block reserved under MidNebraska PowerSchool Group, 308-237-4400 OR Click Here.

Could I get a link to register? 

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