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Aug 2017 (12)
It has been brought to my attention that parents and students are not able to see grades for individual assignments for the teachers that are on PowerTeacher Pro.  Is this a setting somewhere that I have missed?  Or does the teacher have to do something?  Thanks!
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We had this issue as well, and we solved by disabling customizations.  I have no idea why that works or what the connection is, but here is how you get to it:

Click System on the home page. Under 'Server' to System Settings. Then click Customizations.  If the box on that page is checked, uncheck it. 

We have found that our information on Dashboard doesn't sync when you disable it, so at times we will enable the customizations, sync, then disable it again so the assignments can be seen. Our Tech person has put a ticket in to PowerSchool about this issue. 

One of my teachers had an issue with students not seeing grades for particular assignments. We went to Edit Assignment and discovered "Count in Final Grade" was unchecked for a quiz and an assignment.

I've also noticed sometimes the students don't see grades in the PowerSchool mobile app. I'm guessing it might be a caching issue.

PS looks like it has a lot of bug fixes. Looking forward to that update tomorrow night.

Thank you both!  I really don't want to turn off my customizations so guess we will just have to wait for a fix.  Hopefully this weekend!

Unfortunatelly Jane I checked and all of the assignments are checked for "Count in Final Grade" 


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If I want to delete a custom page, do I just find the page and delete it?  Will the original page stay or will I be deleting both pages?  OR do I cancel the custom page to get it to revert to the original page?

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Yes, you can delete the custom page and it will revert to the original page.  

Thank you!

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Does anyone have a low grade report they would be willing to share with me?
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I have a reporting engine report that I like.  What is the best way to get it to you?

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Is there any way to have different lunch menu choices show on the lunch count screens. We would like our Jr./Sr. High School be have different choices than our elementary buildings.
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Are you using the Al Carte customization??

We do have the AlaCarte customization, but I didn't know if I could change the page that the teachers mark their lunch count on, having different options for one school vs another. Does that make sense?

We are trying to figure out the same thing. With our new lunch program the Lunch Counts fields for the teachers are almost useless.

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Is there a way to Restrict Parent Access and NOT allow them to update data without Disabling the account?

We have a divorced family and they keep updating each others information with their own - we want to keep data on Both families.

Thank you!
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I don't think so if you still want to allow them access to their parent accounts.

Since it sounds like they are being jerks (a professional term if ever there was one), an option might be to go ahead and disable parent access and provide them with a student username and password for all affected children.  They could still get in to view student grades, transactions, etc. but wouldn't have the demographic data update option available and would have to log in separately to review information for each child.

Of course, that is apt to irritate the parents (especially given their penchant for childish behavior) so administrative support or direction for taking such a step would be good.

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With the latest update to PowerSchool I am not able to see the Data Exchange information in the left side bar on the start page with customizations turned on.  Does anyone know what I need to do to correct this?  Thank you!
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This might be a stupid question ... but what's the Data Exchange info on the start page??

It is where you go to check on the Ed-Fi/Advisor stuff.

Is you EdFi plugin enabled?  After your post, I checked and noticed that mine was disabled.  Apparently, PowerSchool disables the EdFi plugin when it is is updated and forces one to re-enable it.  I did notice, though, that the EdFi Transaction Listener plugin is not on my list of plugins. Do you see yours on the list? This was on the list last school year.
I noticed the plugin PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX)and enabled it. (Did this replace the Transaction Listener? )
From the District page, select System, then at the bottom of the next page under Data Exchange, click on General Setup where you should see your information from last year.

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Does anyone know if I can change the way Standards are displayed in PowerTeacher Pro.  I would like to see the Name of the standard rather than the Identifier.  Thank you!
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Does anyone know why my High School teachers cannot see all terms.  They only see S1, Q1 and Q2.  Elementary teachers see all terms.  Thanks!
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Hastings Public Schools, Hastings Ne is seeking applicants for PowerSchool Admin.  See link below.

12 Month - Full Time position

Salary based on experience and education
Must pass background check
Benefits package available, includes fully paid BCBS Health Insurance
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Also posted to Hastings Tribune.

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We have a new Elementary Secretary/Lunch person starting this year.  Does anyone have a "Quick Start" training guide for this?  All I can find on PowerSource is from version 6!  Just thought if someone had something I would not try to reinvent the wheel.  Thanks!
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I am new to my district as well.  It would be helpful to have an easy to use guide.

I might be putting one together for myself.  If I get it done, I will share it.

Thank you Coleen!  I created an entire binder of training material for the last girl 3 years ago and was hoping to be able to just update that, but she seems to have taken it with her!  Go figure!

LOL, well mine will be a google doc, so much easier to forward.  

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NWEA has changed the roster template to align with ADVISER (I think, I'm just guessing that's why). The first column has to be the district-school number. I know how to pull the district number and the school number, but does anyone know how to get that whole thing?

Valentine Elementary would need to be 16-0006-002. I could make separate templates for each building and just have that go in as "if blank print this", but I'm trying to come up with something more generic.

Thanks in advance!
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We use an if/then statement to pull the three digit location code in an export template:


You could adjust that to report the entire district-location.

I hope this helps.

I'll try that! Thanks!!

It worked!! Woo hoo!!!!

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We will begin using E-Funds for schools this year.  If there is anyone out there that has rolled this out before could you please share with me how you got the student numbers out to the parents so they could create accounts? 

Thank you for your help!
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While it doesn't do much for the tree population, I print a hardcopy parent letter (created a form letter in PowerSchool for that so the fields can be filled automatically) for each student that contains information on setting up eFunds and PowerSchool parent accounts.

The letter includes the student number for eFunds account purposes and Access IDs and Passwords for PowerSchool account purposes.  We get most of those handed out at our open house prior to the start of school and send home the rest with kids on the first day of school.  That works well for us as a K-8 school but might be a little less successful for high school kids (generally lower attendance for open house events and kids generally more lackadaisical about taking stuff home).

OK, thank you!  I was afraid that was the answer. Was trying to rack my brain trying to figure out a way to add all students in a family to one letter, but I am not smart enough to do that.  MAYBE there is still someone out there that is!    Hope....Hope!!!!

You can learn from what didn't work for me: Sent an email blast to parents about E-Funds and told them how to find the student number in the PowerSchool parent portal. Turns out parents don't like to log into PowerSchool when they can call someone to give them the number over the phone. Ray's letter is likely to be more successful, but I don't have any letters that pull all students from the same family. We only hand out the letter to freshman and new student parents. (We're a high school only.)

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