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Apr 2018 (4)
I just received our PowerSchool invoice and noticed we did not get billed for the former E-Registration plugin. We purchased it a couple years ago from Grant Wood AEA and it was bought by PowerSchool last year. I'm curious if anyone else who's been using E-Registration sees it on their PowerSchool invoice?? We are planning to switch to Phoenix Learning's SchoolForms in June but I'm wondering what happened to our E-Registration subscription. TIA

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha, NE
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I am looking to find out how other schools report Non-Public Students Receiving Assistance and have them set up in PowerSchool.   

We have students attending parochial schools but receiving speech or title services from our public school.  They are at a 0.05% FTE in our PowerSchool.

The way it has been handled is that the students are in our PowerSchool in a bogus "Grade 15" and reported by manipulating an Excel spreadsheet uploaded to NDE. 

            These students would pull on the Sped Snap, Prog Fact, Title I reports.
                         - as we all know, that will not work in 2018-19.

Hoping someone has some advice to prepare for future NSSRS / ADVISER Reporting.  

Thank you!
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In Columbus we have the parochial schools listed in our PowerSchool.  We do Census reporting for Platte County. Any non-public student that is receiving Title or Sped services are in the non-public school they attend. We get a list of students from the non-public secretary at the beginning and in's & out's during the year.  We have our school number listed in the alternate school field on Schools/Info in District office.  We use the elementary school number that is closest to the non-public school (we have 5 elementary schools and there are 6 non-public elementary schools).  If you have any questions, call me at 402-563-7000 press 9 ext 11584


Thank you Suzanne!!!!

I will be giving you a call to talk this through more.
It has been tough to wrap my head around...

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I'm having issues where I can only use Ed-Fi if my customizations is turned off.  Has anyone else had this issue and have you found the solution?
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You have modified the file that displays the admin start page navigation menu. That file is admin_nav_menu_left_css.txt and it is located in the Wildcard folder. You will need to delete the customized file. This could stop customizations that you currently use. Common customizations that modify this file are OneStopAttendance and automated calling programs, such as Alert Solutions. Any correctly made new customization uses page fragments and doesn't modify existing files, so pages are not broken when PS updates a page. 

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All Power School Users, 
Please note there will be a PowerSchool session on Monday, April 16th at the NDE Data Conference from 4pm-5pm in Crystal 4.  Tuarab from PowerSchool will be there to introduce the new Incident Management update and answer any other questions you may have regarding ADVISER and/or State Reporting.  Other state Power School experts will also be on hand to answer questions and help. 
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