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Jun 2018 (3)
Our registrar is attempting to break up a few very large study halls into smaller sections. Since you can't mass unenroll students from a course section, this will be a long, tedious process for her. I found a post on PSUG from 2006 that said you can just delete a course section and everyone in that section will be dropped from the course. Then you can re-create sections and mass enroll students.

This seems too easy and like it would leave orphan files. Has anyone done this? Can you just delete the section form the Edit Section screen? (School Setup > Section > Edit Section > Delete Section).

Or do I delete the section through DDA? (DDA > CC table > SectionID=### >  Modify Records > Delete section)

Is there a better way to unenroll about 160 students from course sections? Anything to avoid one-by-one modify schedule option!


Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha, NE

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We had a similar situation last year, Jane. Here is the method we used to handle moving the student enrollments fairly quickly (deleting the section wasn’t an option for us as the term had already started; I would be concerned about ghost enrollments in your situation and advise against deleting the section with students enrolled):
Create all of the needed sections so they are ready to enroll students.
Then from the large section page that lists all of the students use the checkboxes to select a group of students needing moved to a specific section. Use the Drop and re-enroll button to move the group of students together to the correct section. Repeat this drop and re-enroll with each group of students from the original large section until it is down to only one of the smaller sections.
Good luck!

That looks very easy. Thanks, Amanda! :-)

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I am resigning my position as PowerSchool Administrator. To take a job at Computer Logic Group as a PowerSchool Solutions Expert.

Thus, there is an opening at my former district.

The Education Technology Office of the Diocese of Lincoln Schools has an opening for a Full Time Student Information System Specialist. 

If you or anyone you know would like to apply for this position please follow this link.

Diocese of Lincoln PowerSchool Administrator

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What date does your registrar use when pre-registering new students for the fall? Our registrar wants to use an enrollment date as the day she adds the students to PowerSchool. (Usually the current day.) She says she has always done this. But during the past couple of weeks, the student has changed to Transferred Out status when she tries to pre-register them. I am trying to encourage her to use the first day of the fall term but she says she can't manage them as she usually does. As a private school, the president and principal always want to know an exact enrollment number at any time. We are using an "Admissions" school this year. I haven't run EOY yet but we have committed the new schedule. What date do you use for enrollment date? TIA.

Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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As you know we are also a private school system. We just have always used the first day of school as the pre-enrollment date.  We like to try to keep it simple and that has worked for us.

It makes things a bit difficult in between school years because you have to remember to do "/" to include pre-registered students in your enrollment counts.  

Assuming you have completed the Run Year End Process, I'd suggest using the first day of school for 2018-2019 as the enrollment/entry date.  That will keep everything consistent relative to entry/exit dates come the end of 2018-2019 and help avoid school and section enrollment errors from coming up down the road.

As you note, that does give you some odd status issues (frequently they show up as Pre-Registered even if the Run Year End Process has been completed).  You can fix that for affected kids via the /tech/usm option and changing the Enroll_Status field value to 0.  After submitting the new value, the student will show up on the "live" side and be included in current enrollment numbers.

I just completed EOY process and our incoming freshmen are now active (no longer pre-register status). Could our registrar enroll new students without using the pre-register option? Choose an Entry Code of OE (Original Entry) rather than Pre-Register with an entry date of first of school? We just want all the new students to show as active for reports. TIA.

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