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Jul 2018 (2)
Is anyone else getting a Duplicate Migration Report Error on their PowerSchool?  I have looked at the article on how to fix it and I just can't seem to figure out what the real error is.  Is this something that needs to be fixed before school begins?  
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Hmmm. I haven't see this error. Where is it appearing? What version of PS are you on? I'm still on 11.0.5.

We are 11.0.5 also and the error is on the top of my page when I log in.

Yes, we are seeing this red banner across the top of our PS also.  Version 12.0.1

When I click on the report it says:
The following state custom fields have been duplicated in the U_SchoolStaffUserFields extension from the S_NE_USR_X table.

I have 10 staff fields.

I was a bit confused by the KB article 81115 instructions.

- I do not know if the correct data is in the S_* table or U_* table (per KB article)

I put a help ticket in with PS but I have not heard anything back  yet.

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We recently purchased SchoolForms through Phoenix Learning. Anyone else using this plugin for online registration? 

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
Tags: plugins
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