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Nov 2019 (2)
I have two PowerSchool issues going on today and I'm wondering if they might be related or fixed by running a special operation. One student who is marked absent isn't showing up when we run the Absentee Report at Start Page > Attendance > Absentee Report. Another student isn't showing up in one F grade search, but appears in another F report.

Things just seem goofy. Is there a Special Operations function (under System > Special Operations) that I could run? We have a banner that says we were to be updated to 19.4.5 last Saturday but I see we're still at 19.4.3.


Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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Hi Jane,

Have you tried Special Functions >Attendance Functions and then Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data. May help with the attendance.  Do not know what to tell you about the grade issue.  Sorry.

Thanks,  Kris Just ran the attendance refresh and it didn't fix the attendance issue. :-( It's weird because other reports find the student. I think this is a custom report but it's used every day. I don't know why it would suddenly not work.

Well dang!

Did you try Special Operation Recalculate Attendance?

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We have trained people to search for sped students by using the field verified_disability=1.  With the sped data being entered into special programs now, how do you search for data since it is not stored in the student table?  Not everyone has access to DDE or the skill level to use it.  This would also apply to searching lunch data since it is also being stored in special programs.
Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
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I correct myself, lunch data is not stored in special programs.  Only the sped data.

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