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Dec 2019 (1)
I am puzzled  by something and hope maybe you can help.  We are still using the Gradebook.  A teacher says when she enters a NHI in her gradebook for a student, then at a later date the student hands in the assignment and then the teacher enters a percent score, then mysteriously after a couple days the score reverts back to NHI.  I am not able to replicate the problem.  Have you ever seen this?  It makes no sense to me.

Thanks for your help,
Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
3 Responses to "NHI scores in Gradebook"

I have not seen this before. What does NHI stand for? Is that a special code?

Yes, it stands for Not Handed In.  The teacher enters it in their Gradebook Preferences under Score Codes.

What version of PowerSchool are you using? It may be a bug that was resolved in a later version.

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