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Apr 2019 (3)
I'm assuming you all received the emails today from Powerschool Communities and Technote. Is PowerSchool 12.x going to change to PowerSchool 19.x with the next upgrade?? Am I reading that correctly? I guess the next version would be PS 13.x and some might consider that unlucky ...

Jane Campbell
Marian High School
Omaha, NE
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PowerSchool is changing how it's numbering it's new versions of PS.  Here is their explanation:

Updated Release Versioning: We are also taking this opportunity to standardize how we refer to product releases across ALL PowerSchool products, which will lessen confusion across product lines. The new version format will contain a year, month, maintenance indication, and escalation indication number, such as:

Year: 2019 = 19

Month: April = 4

Maintenance and Escalation indications: a number (1-9) = maintenance and/or escalation, 0 = no maintenance and/or escalation

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Is anyone else having issues with attendance not clearing from the database after you change it on the attendance page? It's not a huge deal to go to DDA and clear it out, but it should work better than that.
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What version of PS are you on? We just upgraded to 12.1.4 and nothing's been reported to me (knock on wood).

12.1.3. I wonder if it will get fixed in the update. 

Thanks for the input.

Release notes are here:

Here's what I found about attendance, not sure it's related to your issue: 
When using the Attendance Change function to create attendance, comments are being copied from another period and saving them with the attendance record that it created. This issue is now resolved.

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Does anyone have a way to create a student alert when a student hits so many days of being absent?  I find that trying to remember to run an attendance report gets pushed to the back of my mind with multiple other things needing to be handled at once.  What does everyone else use?  Is there a customization that will send an alert on the attendance page or that has a way to track total absences on the attendance meeting page?
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I would like to know also.

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