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Sep 2020 (4)
Good morning PowerSchool/Adviser Braintrust,

I have a student whose parents have decided to homeschool them.  This student receives SPED services.  I'm guessing I leave them enrolled in PowerSchool but not enrolled in any classes.  There's no way it's this easy as there has to be somewhere I indicate they are homeschooled.  Thanks for any help you can provide and stay safe everyone.  
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Good Morning,

We also have numerous students who are in this category. To both document their services, and to avoid the ADVISER error that the student is enrolled at the school, but not in any courses, we enroll these students into a SPED Services course.section with a certified teacher (usually their Case Manager).

We do the same thing.  Just enter the appropriate membership share for their service time - this would be a decimal number.

Thank you for the input.  What State Course Code (ID) did you use for this course?  180000 for self-contained classroom? 

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Is anybody having issues getting their Calendar to publish?       I have checked everything and I don't see anything that is wrong.    Because my calendar is publishing it is causing lots of issues on other reports.      Any suggestions to check?
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I am looking into ways of scheduling parent teacher conferences so we can be virtual.  How are your schools scheduling virtual conferences?  Is anyone using Meet the Teacher, a powerschool plugin?  Thank you!
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We used  I didn't know about Meet the Teacher.  If you use it, let me know how it goes.

Where can I find additional info on Meet the Teacher?

Thank you!

We are still going to use our existing SignUp Genius (we use the free version) forms for parents to sign up for conference times.

Each teacher will then create a single Zoom meeting for use for conference purposes and share the link with parents.  Parents will then join the meeting a few minutes before their scheduled time, be put in the waiting room, and then approved when the teacher is ready.

Or at least that's what we think will work for us.

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Has anyone experienced a "bug" in Powerteacher Pro. I have had two teachers this week notice that when they enter grades into powerschool it is adding a decimal and 7 places past the decimal (ex: 35.9999999). It does this on some students but not all. We have checked their settings. One teacher experienced this earlier in the week and it has not repeated since; however, happened to a teacher again today. Attached a screenshot.
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Hi Patty,
What version of PowerSchool are you currently on?

We had this happen for one or two teachers. I our case clearing the browser cache fixed the issue.

Have them try that.

In our case making sure all three boxes under Settings > Display Settings >Values to Show in the Traditional Grade Column are checked solved the issue.

There is a known bug in, which is fixed in the update that was released last week, 20.4.4.

From PS's release notes:

PowerTeacher Pro -
Assignment Point Score Displays the Entered Score with Multiple Decimal Places When Saved In some cases, the displayed saved assignment score would have multiple decimal points. This issue is now resolved. PSF-28788

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