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Oct 2021 (1)
Is there a timeline for PowerSchool to update the CRDC Collection report to 20-21?  Thanks!
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Kris--did you ever get any answers on this?

This is my first year doing CRDC and I am also wondering if I have to go to 20-21 and run the Advisor report for CRDC or if it is not ready yet.    I haven't seen anything regarding this topic.

Any help you have gotten I would appreciate you sharing.  Thanks.

NDE will do a big data dump of Adviser info to CRDC but I am sure you are aware there will still be some info that is not collected in Adviser that will either need to be manually uploaded to CRDC or pulled from PowerSchool.  PowerSchool should be releasing some updates in the December state release but there should be more info to come out from PowerSchool and NDE on this topic

We got the updated in December that did update for CRDC.  However it doesn't seem like they can be done.   Are you aware of a 2nd update for CRDC or do we have to push something out for these items to publish to CRDC?

I am sitting at like 4% complete on CRDC and I am sure more should come from Adviser.

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