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Jan 2022 (2)

I am new to PowerSchool and one of our buildings is having an issue printing report with staff.  When you search staff in PowerSchool 57 staff members pull but when you print a report with staff only 47 show up on the report.  What might I need to adjust to resolve the issue?  Thanks so much Sadie
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It is hard to tell what the problem is without seeing the setup of the Object Report. But one reason might be b/c the report is only set to print 47 records.

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Anyone know why my grades will not publish correctly.  I get ALL showing as dependencies.  The dependency is the State Unique ID.  ALL students have a Unique ID listed.  What am I missing?

Thanks for any insight!!!
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Mine are doing the same things so I just figured it was Power School not having something ready.    I haven't investigated it any further.  But glad to know somebody else is having the same problem.

Thanks Kim!  Makes me feel better.  Guess we'll just give it awhile.

Same thing here in Hastings

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