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ADA/ADM (10)
Is there a way to run a report on student absences that shows unexcused absences vs excused absences?
Carrie Ford
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I've got one student that has a negative attendance on my ADA/ADM Report.  Can anyone help?  I've checked her FTE, and it is entered correctly.  I've checked her membership, and it shows 1, just like it should.  
It is also not counting her absences...
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Make sure the entry/exit dates are within your Years & Terms. After you make changes, you will need to go to Special Functions > Attendance Functions > Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data in order for attendance to change.

Ok, I will try this once I don't have a message about the server being unavailable due to a scheduled application, state reporting, or other scheduled maintenance.  
Wonder why they didn't warn me about this???  Esp. since it's during school hours...

Is her schedule full? If she doesn’t have a course in every period of the day, it will result in negative attendance.

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I have a couple of rural school kids who are going to take Driver's Ed via DL. I used Enroll in Another School to get them in the class. What I'm worried about is Attendance, ADA/ADM, and anything else that would affect NSSRS. Does anyone have any experience with this and have any advice for me?
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We have a student that only takes band with us. We do report the student in NSSRS.  He has a FTE of .2 so he doesn't really count because the FTE must be 50 percent or more but we do all the templates for them.

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I am having a few issues with attendance at our district.  Some of the schools had errors in the calendar setup, some had scheduling issues and errors, and etc.   I am trying to fix everything and get it going before our Student Summary Attendance reports are due.  Out of five schools, I think one is working correctly and has everything set up as it should be!    I know part of our issue is incomplete schedules at one school.   However, I have an issue with one day at the high school that shows a zero for attendance in the ADA/ADM for all students.   The date is the last day of school, shows in-session, shows the correct day and bell schedule, yet when you look, it is already showing no attendance for students that day.    I am including a screen shot here:  (The date in issue is 5/20/14.)

 Any ideas?
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Have you checked that your calendar shows 1 for Membership Value?

Membership (your 181) is calculated from the Calendar's Membership Value.

Attendance (160.2) is calculated by the Attendance Conversion that is attached to the Bell Schedule that is set for the specific day in the calendar.

For 5/20, where the Attendance value is 0. I would check the Attendance Conversion associated with that day's Bell Schedule.

Also, the Membership value and the Attendance values should equal for days in the future. The 16th & 19th has 1 membership point, but only allows 0.8 of an attendance point.

Remember to refresh attendance anytime you make a change to the attendance setup.  Special Functions > Attendance Functions  > Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data.

I ran the refresh attendance and I still get a zero in the day for May 20, 2014.   So, when you print out a report, it will show every student has an absence already.   My calendar set up looks the same for that day as the days before.  I wanted to attach a screen shot, but can't in a comment. 

The .8 days are because this particular student has an incomplete schedule on top of this other issue.  It's really fun here this year!!!!

I sent this into powersource, but really need an answer more quickly than their recent response times have been! 


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I have an ADA/ADM report that I ran for my HS and it shows 170 membership.  When I run my attendance summary to upload to the state, I show a total of 171.5 (when I add days present and days absent).
After counting calendar days less snow days, I show I should have 170 days total.  I am wondering if something in my conversion is wrong...
We have an 8 period day plus an additional period that we have labeled advisory instead of a number-so it's essentially a 9 period day.  
Any suggestions??  
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I figured this out for us.  PowerSchool is rounding up our quarter days, .25 became .3, .75 became .8.  I had to correct this in Excel for now.  We will correct our conversions in Powerschool to reflect the one decimal place limitation at the state.

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I set up Attendance Tracking as per the instructions from PowerSource in the user guide. Make sure that you have all of your attendance codes tied to a category. If you make any changes, go to Special Functions>Attendance Functions>Refresh Premier Attendance (this was the step I missed and why my middle school wasn't working).

I set 10 Semester Tracking Level Triggers at intervals of 2. Edit Unexcused Tracking Level.pdf

Then go to District Office and run the Refresh Attendance Tracking Data. 

I ran mine and then ran ADA/ADM per Student and compared the results. They seem to match up.

Don't get hung up on that "Unexcused" terminology. It just counts absences.
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And this works even if you track attendance by MEETING and not DAILY?

What type of Attendance tracking method did you set up? Also, how does this know to look only at the current month? Example from 10/1/2010 through 10/31/2010 for any student who missed greater than two days in that time frame?

Kris, I have schools that do both, meeting and daily. It's pulling the correct info.

Greg, you must set up Percent for anything else to work, I have that set to 1. I have semester set to 2.

You can't tell if it's the current month, but the report pulls a date so that you can sort.

You don't need to know what they missed only in October, because it's cumulative from the first day of enrollment. October is >4, November >6, etc. See page 5 of the most current instructions: CDC - Excessive Absenteeism Monthly Collection.

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Has anyone ever been able to run District Wide Reports for ADA/ADM.  I tried running them and I get a ALERT  No current school set. Select a school first.  I    selected the grades I wanted and still  get the Alert.  If this is not possible does any Superintendents Secretary have suggestions on how they run reports for there District. 


Ord Public Schools

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I am running the report for some schools and one of the school, in the absence column does not give a decimal. It appears to be rounding. Is there something I need to do to get it to show a decimal rather than a whole number. I had this issue last year and I fixed it, but I obviously did not right it down

Ok, I figured this one out. FYI. It is under start page/attendance/preferences.

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Every year I get a little closer to getting this right, but I'm not there yet.

We have a morning and an afternoon session of Kindergarten. Attendance is taken in Morning Homeroom or Afternoon Homeroom. I set up a Half Day Attendance Conversion to deal with this, but I think I need to take it a step further and do 1/2 Day AM and 1/2 Day PM.

Here's where the problem comes in: When we dismiss at 11:40 for holidays, there is no afternoon Kindergarten. They have a membership day, but no attendance. Also, I set up some attendance conversions for late starts due to weather so that it would figure correctly. I didn't apply those to the Half Day Conversion because a 10 a.m. start doesn't affect Afternoon K. The result it that I have 167 membership days, but only 157 attendance days for Kindergarten.

So, I guess what I'm wanting to know is if you guys think I'm headed in the right direction? If I set up 2 separate 1/2 day attendances and apply the late start/early dismissal attendance conversions to them appropriately, will I wind up with the right number of membership/attendance days?

I know as soon as I get this figured out we'll go to all day Kindergarten :~D

Thanks in advance for any input.
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In one of my schools, my secretaries were getting an error in the ada/adm by date report.

They were seeing a negative number in the report.  

10/20/2008   MON (A)   40.00  -32.00

The work fix to this error was in the report setup.
I could not leave default settings for

Attendance Mode   

Attendance Conversion

I had to define them.  When I did define them, then my report worked and I got positive numbers.


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