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Anyone else using Macs having problems launching Gradebook after the upgrade to PowerSchool 9? Anyone using Macs and not having problems launching Gradebook after the update?

So far, the only teacher who CAN launch his Gradebook is running MacOSX 10.8.4 and Java 7 update 40. I'm working with support on this issue but I'm getting very nervous because school starts next week. :-P

(sigh) Don't you laugh at me, Ray Bentzen! ;-)
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Guess this issue mainly affects servers hosted by PowerSchool. Unfortunately, the recommended fix to take Java back to Update 45 isn't working for us.  :-(

If you're hosted and have been upgraded to PowerSchool 9 AND you have Macs that CAN launch, please let me know what version Java you're using.

Just LOVE this time of year. :-P

We are on Java 8 version 51 and can launch the gradebook.  We used the installer but had to redownload the installer and run it.  We replaced the one that they already had installed and that got it to work.

I haven't had a teacher enquire about the java webstart launch since they are all using the GradeBook app.  I am able to launch the .jnlp file with Java 8 Update 45, but can't launch with update 51 (Mac OS 10.10.4)

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We had a couple teachers update their java when prompted yesterday, and now gradebook will not open again for them.   We had finally got everything back to normal here with gradebooks.   Anyone else have this issue?   Is there some workaround again?

I was asked to upload the Gradebook app that Ray sent it is...

If that doesn't work, try downloading it from here:

It will have to be is the message Ray sent me, and this worked GREAT!

Yes.  The settings are for St. Vincent de Paul's PowerSchool server, which won't do the Alliance folks much good.
So where the properties file says,
you will need to enter your information.  Log in to PowerSchool as an
administrator, go to System>System Settings>Global Server
Settings.  Whatever is listed there under PowerTeacher Gradebook
Settings - External Access is what you will need to put in the
properties file and save.  And that should work for you.
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There is an issue with the Java 1.7.0_45 update and PowerTeacher.

This is the workaround.

In PowerTeacher, click on Gradebook at the left. Under the Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook there is a warning line - "If the launch button failed to open PowerTeacher gradebook, click here to further assess the problem." Select the "click here" and it takes you to the directions.

I have had good luck (in a Mac environment) downloading and installing the gradebook app.  Teachers can then access their gradebook via an icon on their dock; that still gives them a web interface but one that isn't affected by the Java issues (or so far that's the case, anyway).

I had to do a little configuring of the properties file in order to get the app to run properly; I did that on one machine and then put the app to a USB stick and copied to the rest of the machines.

We are Mac, running 10.8.    We finally got everything working great until yesterday.  They can "Skip" the update, but it's too late for some already.   Ray, tell me more about the gradebook app, and what you did?   If you don't want to post it all here, you can email me

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Has anyone heard of a new gradebook problem with Java?  The science teacher came to my class and told me that Java updated and now he can't get into his gradebook, but I haven't heard from any other teachers or anything on the PowerSchool lists I monitor.  Haven't had time to do much troubleshooting yet, but thought I would go ahead and reach out to the 'experts'.  Thanks!
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I had the same issue crop up today for teachers running Mac OS 10.6.8 (Apple continues to create problems for that OS and then has to come up with Java updates to fix those problems).

I downloaded and installed Java Update 14 from the support site; that fixed the issue.

As to not all teachers mentioning the issue, my guess is they are either not running 10.6.8 or haven't actually re-started their laptop/desktop in several days (once re-started I bet the gradebook won't work).  

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On a Mac, if you install the latest update of Java, Grade book will not launch.  The problem is with Java 7-Update 9 that was released on 10/16.  This is affecting only Macs. When the Grade book is launched we are experiencing a small Java 7 window being displayed and it just hangs there. 

I called tech support this morning. They became aware of this issue yesterday and at this time they said there is no work around and they are gathering information and the case has been escalated. Of course they said the problem wasn't with PowerSchool, but with Java.

I Googled and found a workaround. If you uninstall Java 7 and reinstall 6, the Grade book will launch. Here are the instructions on how to do it:

You will have to have admin rights on the machine and know the admin's password to run the terminal commands.

If you have teachers using Macs, I would tell them to not do any Java updates till they hear back from you letting them know the problem has been fixed.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Wayne Wiens
ESU 10
402.806.0455 cell
308.698.1996 work
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Not only is Oracle's Java 7 causing problems (on OS 10.7 and higher), Apple's recently released Java 1.6.0_37 is causing the Grade book not to launch too. Pearson released a Tech Note at 11:46 today indicating this problem is under review.

Here is a TEMPORARY workaround on Macs that have been updated to 1.6.0_37, where the PS version is 7.2.3.

1) Find the launchGradeBook.jnlp on the computer (this is the file that is downloaded when you launch the Grade book from PowerTeacher, it is usually in the Downloaded folder). 

2)Right-Click/Control-Click on this file and choose "Open with" and select a text editor such as TextEdit. If you don't see TextEdit, choose Other and then choose All Applications in the Enable pop down and open TextEdit.  Do NOT choose the "Always Open With" check box.
3) Find this line (it is line 17) <j2se version="1.5+" initial-heap-size="128m" max-heap-size="256m" java-vm-args="-XX:MaxPermSize=128m" /> 

4) Remove this text from the line=>        java-vm-args="-XX:MaxPermSize=128m 
The new line looks like this <j2se version="1.5+" initial-heap-size="128m" max-heap-size="256m" />

5) Save the file

6) Run (double click) the new file.

Move this modified launchGradeBook.jnlp file to the desktop and use it to launch the Grade book instead of launching it from PowerTeacher. I would only launch the Grade book this way until a fix is found. Running the Grade Book from a previously downloaded .jnlp file is not recommended.

Wayne Wiens
ESU 10
402.806.0455 cell
308.698.1996 work

I find that when I try adjusting total possible scores for assignments, GB freezes up (on Mac only). Running Java 7. Any tips? Besides working exclusively on Windows?

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There was a previous post about Java update 11 and not to install it because it would cause PTG issues.  While this did not affect us it seems the latest release of Java 1.6.0_12 for windows does.  I have verified this on multiple systems.
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I am looking for places to learn some basic JAVA so I can do some java customizations in PowerSchool.  There are lots of sessions at PSU that deal with JAVA and I would like to take these classes.  However, I would like a basic foundation before going to PSU so I don't waste my time in the class.

Brian, I was at PSu this summer and took the basic and inter on java. I have very little coding experience except for html and basic, basic DOS (yes a long time ago). It was easy. They really build from one lesson to the next. They had us doing some pretty cool things that in my classes and then idea's just started to fly around. I would not worry at all about it. 

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