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I don't really know whats going on, none of my teachers can launch gradebook.  I've tried reinstalling the launch on their desktops, I've tried to launch the old way, I've updated Java, I'm Downgraded java!!!! Nothing like having an issue with gradebook a week before the quarter ends - Anyone else having this problem??? We are hosted running 9.1.1 Java 8 Update 66.
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What a nightmare! We are on hosted, 9.1.1 also and our teachers are using Macs. I've installed Java 8 update 66 on 2 teacher Macs in the past couple of days. No problems at our school. What does support say?

It's strange that all your teachers can't access Gradebook. Try this PowerSource document: ID 73638 "PowerTeacher Gradebook Standalone App fails to launch"  This has instructions for both Macs and Windows users. This fixes a lot of Gradebook problems for me.

We haven't jumped to 9.1.x yet but earlier this fall I ok'd our hosting vendor upgrading us from 8.0.x to 8.3.x.  That killed our gradebookson all Macs running OS 10.6.8 (yeah, I still have a few of those).

If your hosted server was recently upgraded, something similar might be happening in this case.  The Release Notes for each PowerSchool update usually have notes on compatibility (which I hadn't bothered to read carefully prior to our issue).

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I have a few teachers that cannot take attendance in some of their sections (classes).  The single day attendance doesn't show anything:  

But the multi day attendance does:

I looked at the sections and courses, but don't see anything there different ... anyone have any ideas how to fix this? 

It's been crazy this year...I think the craziest start ever to a school year!
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Mine is doing the same thing, but only at the elementary.

I had one teacher with the same problem.  My issue was that I deleted a kindergarten student that did not show up and is going elsewhere instead of un-enrolling him. Thinking "He was never here, has not grades, no big deal just delete".   A mistake I will not make again!!!  Therefore he was still enrolled in classes in the CC table confusing PowerTeacher.  I had to find his records in the CC table and delete them.  Solved the problem.

Just saw this on PSUG.  May be just what you need, and much easier than what they had me do!

Received the following
steps from support which resolved the problem for us:

System > Special Operations > Set Synch to Non-Atomic Mode (turn off)

System > Special Operations > Clear orphaned student schedule records

System > Special Operations > Set Synch to Atomic Mode (turn back on)

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What kind of PS training do you offer for new teachers? This is my first year at a high school and I need to get the new teachers started with PowerTeacher and Gradebook. In the past, at an elementary school, I used other teachers to help the new teachers get started setting up their courses, explain weighting, etc. Does anyone have any good training materials you could share? Thanks!
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We would be interested in PS training resources for new Teachers and new School Nurses.  Something tangible that they can put their hands on and refer back to.

I have a document that I created a few years ago that may be helpful.  I don't believe there have been too many changes since then.  If there is a way to send that to you on here I don't know how.  I will try to e-mail it to each of you.  I will send a pdf and a doc version so you can adjust anything you feel the need to.

OK so I thought I could get your e-mails but it seems I cannot.  Please e-mail me and I will respond.

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I have one teacher (and ONLY one teacher) whose courses are showing up in reverse order in his queue in PowerTeacher. I have hunted all over to see what could possibly be up and all the settings seem to be correct. When I log in on PT admin and look at his account, they are in the correct order. He's the only teacher in the building using Windows, and I wonder if it's some sort of cache file, but I'm PC illiterate and don't want to go trashing files unless I know what I'm looking for.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
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I have a question on changing a teacher name for classes created and in session:  Due to sudden death of a teacher, we are in the process of transitioning things to a different teacher.  Is it possible to completely assign a different teacher to classes already assigned to a teacher who is no longer here and class already in session with grades Etc.??? I hope this makes sense. I just need to know the easiest way to change teachers, but not to affect current grading etc.

Heather Callihan
Cedar Hollow School
Grand Island, NE
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Yes it is possible.  The first thing you need to do is make sure your new teacher is entered into PowerSchool.  If it is an existing staff member then you do not have to do anything.  If a new staff member is hired then follow all steps setting up a new account like security, scheduling information, etc. 

Once entered, navigate to "School" --> "Sections".  Click on a course that you want to change.  Then click on the "Exp" for a section.  From the teacher dropdown box change the previous teacher to the new teacher.  Scroll down and hit submit.  Do this for each course and section(s).  This will not delete student grades like when moving students from one class or section to another.

Note:  The above will not change any information in stored grades.  If you want change that information, you would have to use DDA.

Thank you Bryan.  That was great information. I was thinking it would be fine, but needed to double check before I did anything.  Not something I wanted to do in the first place, but necessary due to circumstances.  Thanks again!

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We have a teacher who is leaving as he is going to the Middle East for Guards. Another teacher is taking over for him. We need to add her to his class and see his gradebook and be able enter in grades while he is gone.
 On the same lines, have resource teachers who need to be able to see certain students classes and grades for helping out the students.

If someone helps me out on that those, I might have a cookie for ya.. LOL
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We handle resource teachers and students by creating a class called SRS and enrolling all thei case load into that class. Even the ones they do not see and are just monitor only. This way they have access to all the students grades.

As far as teachers leaving, I just change the password for the regular teacher and let the long term sub use the same account. This way the students reamin under the actual teacher. If you do not want to do that, you can just change the teacher on the classes to the long term sub and then when the real teacher gets back, change them back.

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