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Elementary (2)
We are considering opening up our elementary to the parent portal. I'm curious how many schools have the portal open at that level and the reasoning behind that decision. Also, do you have "standards" available?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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We have the portal open for all grades.  The main reason is we use Power Lunch and this way parents can see the lunch transactions and balances.

We use Parent Portal for any parents that would like an account.  It is mainly our parents who have secondary students and want to keep up with the younger kids. 
And yes, we do have our standards available as these are on the elementary report cards.

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We are currently wanting to set up elementary report cards for Grades K-2.   We need something similiar to  this: 

Knows Letters  
Reads with Expression, etc

The report cards we can create, but how do you set up your teacher gradebooks?   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
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Go to PowerSource>Communities and look for Standards Reporting Lower Elementary. It will walk you right through it.

Thanks Peggy

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