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Is there a way to Restrict Parent Access and NOT allow them to update data without Disabling the account?

We have a divorced family and they keep updating each others information with their own - we want to keep data on Both families.

Thank you!
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I don't think so if you still want to allow them access to their parent accounts.

Since it sounds like they are being jerks (a professional term if ever there was one), an option might be to go ahead and disable parent access and provide them with a student username and password for all affected children.  They could still get in to view student grades, transactions, etc. but wouldn't have the demographic data update option available and would have to log in separately to review information for each child.

Of course, that is apt to irritate the parents (especially given their penchant for childish behavior) so administrative support or direction for taking such a step would be good.

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Are this year's parents more needy than usual ... or is it just mine??? =:-0 #happynewschoolyear #ineedadrink
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Just received a call from a parent reporting that her parent emails are showing her student with all As in every class (not true) and emails that show no scores (all zeroes). I tested two other students and get the same info (either As or all zeroes). Anyone else seeing this? We are hosted. Could this be related to their Rackspace issues the past couple of days?? I just submitted a ticket but I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this.
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Help! For some reason, our PowerSchool server is defaulting to the 15-16 term year. Our 14-15 year ended on 5/21 but I didn't make any changes to our settings. Parents and students see no grades when they log into the portal. I've played around with the settings on School setup > Parent/Student Pages but nothing is allowing students to see their grades. Right now, the settings "Default Term Between Years" is set for "Closest Year." I've also tried "Previous Year." Any ideas?? This has never happened in previous years. TIA.
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Figured it out ... had to restart the server for the changes to take effect. :-P

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Hi all,
Received this message from a teacher

"I just had an interesting conversation with a student who reported that
Student's name here  has the ability to "change" his grades in Powerschool to
show his current status to his parents.  The grades revert to actual
later, but it is disturbing that he is able to make temporary changes to
hoodwink his parents."

I'm inclined to think that is just some big talk by the student in question, but thought I would check in with the experts to see if you have had any real instance of this or anything similar happening.  Thanks.
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I just discovered all our students with last names beginning with O' (O'Brien, O'Leary, etc.) on the Access Accounts screen show student usernames and Access IDs all the same: the single letter O. When I do a quick export of those web ID fields, the correct usernames and IDs show up on the export. Also, I see these students have logged in recently and I'm assuming they are not using the ID of O. I have no idea how or when this happened. (During the update to 8.0?) Has anyone else seen weird web IDs with O' names? Not sure if I should just re-enter the IDs so will be calling support on Monday.
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How do I add a custom message to the login screen of the parent portal? I've done this before but I can't remember which page to customize, and my googles aren't working today. :-( Can anyone point me to the correct page in custom pages? Thanks!
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It would be the public/home.html page.

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OK, here's my question for today: Why is my School Event Calendar not working in the parent portal? I can't find anything in PowerSource or on PSUG about troubleshooting it. Calendar dates are set up under Notes in School Setup > Calendar Setup. In the past, I haven't had to do anything to turn the calendar event calendar on. When I log in as a parent and subscribe to the school event calendar, I get an empty calendar called "District" instead of "Marian High School." What's not set correctly? Thank you, Oh Great PowerSchool minds! 
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Does PowerSchool allow you to create an additional parent login/pw for those parents who are divorced? I thought I could do this by creating a new parent access account under Student > Access Accounts but it's not working. Is this even possible? I can't find anything in PowerSource about it. TIA.
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If you are using single sign-on for the parent portal, parents can create their own accounts and associate kids to those accounts with access ID and password information you set up in PowerSchool.

In theory, then, that would allow for an unlimited number of people to create accounts to view information on the same kid.  

If you are using the Parent Single Sign On feature, then each parent can create their own account. If not, then you can only assign one parent account per student.

The Parent Single Sign On works great for divorced parents, guardians, social workers, etc. They can each create their own account.

When you enable single parent sign-on, it is for the entire district. Also, if parents have set email preferences in the original account, theses will be cleared when you turn on the SSO. They will not receive emails until they create a single parent sign-on account and create email prefs there.

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We enabled single sign on for parents, and I have had a couple parents be successful in setting up accounts.  The last 2, however get this message:

Valid student information must be entered

I tried to walk thru the steps for them and got the same message?  Any ideas what the problem could be?   The student web ID and web password has been put in correctly.   Help! 
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I have just ran across the same problem.  I had to manually go into change guardian passwords and also go into Access Accounts and manually set up the account if they have never been in.  It will then prompt them to reset their passwords.

Not sure why it is doing this so if anyone know the reason or fix I would surely like to know.

You changed the guardian passwords? 

Yes, I changed the guardian, it was the parent that was having the problem getting in and getting started. So I reset everything just to try to figure it out.

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We are considering opening up our elementary to the parent portal. I'm curious how many schools have the portal open at that level and the reasoning behind that decision. Also, do you have "standards" available?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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We have the portal open for all grades.  The main reason is we use Power Lunch and this way parents can see the lunch transactions and balances.

We use Parent Portal for any parents that would like an account.  It is mainly our parents who have secondary students and want to keep up with the younger kids. 
And yes, we do have our standards available as these are on the elementary report cards.

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