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Has anyone seen where students that have a negative balance from last year can not charge a meal - we started school yesterday and this is what the lunch program is telling me.

I was also told it will not take the A La Carte transactions - we did not make any changes from last year.

Thank you for any thoughts.

Kristy Kennedy
Hastings Publics Schools
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now I am told no one can charge breakfast - I am working with PS now

Yes I had that called support and they said I customized it here is what she sent for me to fix.

I just compared my custom one and added what I customized to the new 19.4 page.

I found some information in the 19.4 Release Notes pertaining to LunchPower .... here's a snippet of that information:

This update will impact customers who have customized PowerLunch. The ~psn tag has been changed to ~[psn] on the following pages:
/admin/powerlunch/completesale.html /admin/powerlunch/completesale.deposit.html
These pages will not work correctly until the following is updated:
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="psn" VALUE="~psn">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="psn" VALUE="~[psn]">

Does anyone know if this issue will affect Marcia Brennar's Cafe plugin? Does this only affect students with negative balances?

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BEWARE OF POSSIBLE ISSUE: Our lunch manager reported yesterday that one of the cashier's A La Carte lunch transactions for all of yesterday did not show up on theTransaction Report. He was watching the cashier (because he was new) and verified he was pulling up photos and submitting charges. The two other cashiers' transactions all went through. I called PS support this morning and was told I'm the third person to report this happening with A La Carte version 3.0 since March 22.

From everything the lunch manager told me, the cashier was online, not logged out and hitting submit (not cancel). I checked the GLDetail table in DDE and did not find any transactions for that user. Right now, I'm trying to locate the source of the A La Carte customization to see if there's an update.

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
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A la Carte is on PowerSource in the Community pages.

Thanks, Peggy. I just posted to the page in PowerSource Exchange. We will not be using the customization until I can be sure this won't happen again. Our lunch manager makes very little profit off the lunch program. He runs it as an independent vendor so I hate to see him lose money. :-(

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Does anyone have a field in PowerSchool to record the Free or Reduced Direct Certification reason?  Such as SNAP, Migrant, Foster etc.

OR if you do record that information, where do you do that?

Thanks for any guidance!!!
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I record it in the application # slot. You can run a report through PowerSchool that then shows you their qualification and how they qualified. 

Perfect!  Thank you!!!

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Is there any way to have different lunch menu choices show on the lunch count screens. We would like our Jr./Sr. High School be have different choices than our elementary buildings.
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Are you using the Al Carte customization??

We do have the AlaCarte customization, but I didn't know if I could change the page that the teachers mark their lunch count on, having different options for one school vs another. Does that make sense?

We are trying to figure out the same thing. With our new lunch program the Lunch Counts fields for the teachers are almost useless.

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Yesterday we were updated to 8.1.0 (we are hosted), and today our running balance under student lunch transactions is blank.  Has anyone else had this happen?  If so, do you have a fix?
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I haven't updated to 8.1, but in the past when running balances didn't agree with what showed in the transactions section, I would go the System>Special Operations>Recalculate Lunch Balances route.  That corrected the issues I had.  It may or may not work with the update issues.

I tried that and it the running balance still doesn't show.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Is the page customized? Try turning of customizations.

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This year, our freshmen are required to stay on campus during lunch and the high school wants attendance taken.  They were wondering if there was a way to keep track of attendance by punching in the lunch number so staff would not have to take attendance.

I did make a period for lunch.

We serve alacarte lunch, so I set up "brown bag" lunch in addition to the regular menu items, so they could punch in and not have any cost assessed if they do not actually eat from the lunch room.

However, it does not really differentiate the grade levels in the lunch reports.   I was thinking we may have to run a lunch report for freshmen each day and then put in attendance from the office.  Not ideal.

Any thoughts on this?  
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