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High school PS folks:

Do you use PowerSchool to track the college scholarships students are offered each year? If so, how do you do it?

We have a custom student screen created with fields for up to 15 scholarships per student, listing college, annual amount and total amount for each scholarship. The registrar compiles the info into a spreadsheet, which she gives to me to upload. However, I have to recreate the spreadsheet after she's created it because it becomes too unwieldy if she lists a student with all her scholarships on one row. With 200 students, this is a huge job.

If the info is entered directly into the custom page, exporting it creates an unwieldy spreadsheet that no one wants to use. I'm not sure how to create a report without 100 fields per student.

Last year, one student applied for and received scholarships at 24 schools. It was a nightmare. Is this data even worth tracking in PowerSchool? Does anyone have a better way?

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Perhaps instead of having fields for 15 individual scholarships, go with a single entry box instead of multiple entry fields.  Then you could list all of the scholarships in the one box and put amounts in parentheses after each school's name.

That would give you alot of entry box data for some kids but would only occupy one column in a spreadsheet when exported; using the wrap text function on that column would make it manageable.

Thanks for the reply, Ray. (Once again, I should have just called you. Ha!) I thought about using a single entry field, but we want to be able to pull and calculate the total scholarship amount offered each year. Exporting that data would require a lot of finagling to get it to a functioning spreadsheet, wouldn't it? I'm no spreadsheet goddess so maybe I'm missing something??

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