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Is there a way to set PowerTeacher PRO to allow teachers to take attendance after the current date (like there use to be in PowerTeacher)??

We have an afterschool program that does not always get done with attendance that day - she comes in early to prepare and hoped to be able to get caught up on the previous days attendance but I cannot see where I can adjust this in PTPro.

Thank you
Kristy Kennedy
Hastings Public
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Teachers take attendance in the teacher portal, which is called PowerTeacher. There are two gradebooks: the old PowerTeacher gradebook and the new PowerTeacher Pro gradebook. 

So teachers are still taking attendance in PowerTeacher (the portal, not the gradebook) like they always have. The setting for determining when teachers can take attendance is still under School > Preferences.

I was there  under School > Preferences, but it was not seeming to work.
I had to update my browser and it worked but I had to choose "Number of school days teachers may alter
attendance prior to current date (PowerTeacher)" to make it give me days in the past.


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Has anyone experienced a "bug" in Powerteacher Pro. I have had two teachers this week notice that when they enter grades into powerschool it is adding a decimal and 7 places past the decimal (ex: 35.9999999). It does this on some students but not all. We have checked their settings. One teacher experienced this earlier in the week and it has not repeated since; however, happened to a teacher again today. Attached a screenshot.
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Hi Patty,
What version of PowerSchool are you currently on?

We had this happen for one or two teachers. I our case clearing the browser cache fixed the issue.

Have them try that.

In our case making sure all three boxes under Settings > Display Settings >Values to Show in the Traditional Grade Column are checked solved the issue.

There is a known bug in, which is fixed in the update that was released last week, 20.4.4.

From PS's release notes:

PowerTeacher Pro -
Assignment Point Score Displays the Entered Score with Multiple Decimal Places When Saved In some cases, the displayed saved assignment score would have multiple decimal points. This issue is now resolved. PSF-28788

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We had a new teacher who was here for about a month and then took medical leave. At the time, I didn't know it was going to continue the rest of the semester and didn't add the sub in as a co-teacher. Now this teacher has resigned for medical reasons and the sub is taking over her classes. I discovered last week the sub has been logging in as the teacher since the beginning. (Yeah, my fault I didn't fix this sooner.)

What is the best way to switch the class over to the sub? I want the sub's name to show as the teacher name on report cards next week. Under Edit Section, I tried adding the sub as the lead teacher and removing the original teacher. But I got a warning about losing Gradebook data. I briefly considered editing the name of the short-term teacher, but I hate to do that.

Any suggestions? TIA.

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
PowerSchool 11.0.5 ... soon to be 12.1 
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Jane, on the sections screen for this course,  I think you can remove the sub as the co-teacher and then change the lead teacher to the sub.

Yes, you can switch the teacher, but I got a warning that I would lose that teacher's Gradebook if I deleted the teacher. That concerns me this close to the end of the semester. I think I'm going to temporarily rename the teacher account until after the end of the semester. That way, the new teacher's name will appear on the stored grades. Thanks.

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I'm working with a contractor to get my contacts all cleaned up before we upgrade to PowerSchool 12. I was planning to upgrade during winter break but the contractor wants me to upgrade during Thanksgiving break. 

If you've upgraded to PS 12, would you recommend doing it during Thanksgiving break? (I usually run major upgrades in June or July.) I'm mostly worried about any changes to PowerTeacher Pro that could cause more stress to teachers during the last couple weeks before finals.

Is there any chance the upgrade could affect our sync with eBackpack? Just looking for any advice you might have to offer. Thanks!

Jane Campbell
Marian High School
Omaha NE
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You may want to wait, there is a update for 12.1 scheduled to come out in December that is suppose to be better about consolidating contacts after migration. Check out the latest PowerSource Insider video 11/5 in PowerSource for more information. I don't know about eBackpack.

Thanks, Angie. Watching Insider right now. :-) Have you already moved to 12? If so, how different is PowerTeacher Pro? I'm most worried about changing the grade book on the less confident teachers right before the end of the semester.

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Is there a way to suppress letter grades for assignment scores? We want letter grades to show for the final/term grade in Quick Lookup but I have 2 teachers requesting letter grades be suppressed for individual assignment scores. They just want the score and percentage to show. I'm told students stress out too much when they see an F on a five-point assignment. Is this even possible? TIA

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
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My teachers are complaining that PTP allows you to override a final percentage grade but it doesn't change the letter grade to match the new grade. Is this different from PowerGrade? I don't remember getting these complaints last year. Is there something teachers need to do after overriding the final percent? TIA

Jane Campbell / Omaha Marian High School
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If the percent is being overridden then they must also change the letter grade to match.  They are "overriding" the grade that means both letter and percent grade.


Thanks, Suzanne. I guess it makes sense, but wish it would grab the correct letter grade when a percent change is made. :-P

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Is there a report or way for teachers to print only the final grades for their classes in PowerTeacher Pro? They tell me they can't find a report that doesn't print all grades for the term. 

It's finals week, of course, and everyone is scrambling. We're also having network problems. :-P


Jane Campbell / Omaha Marian High School
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Have teachers go to a class then click on Grading on Left side of screen. Go down to Comment Verification and click on that it will open a page with students Term final grade only.  They can print that page for each class.


Duh! I knew about that page. Thank you, Suzanne! It's a rough day ...

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1. I have a teacher who wants assignments to automatically get docked 50 percent when they are marked late. Is there way to do that with PTP? She says she was able to do this with the old Gradebook app.

2. I have a teacher who would like to change her default login screen in PowerTeacher Pro to something other than the Assignments screen. Is there a way to change the default login screen? I don't see anything under Settings.

Only two questions today so I guess it's a good day. ;-) TIA.

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha, NE
2 Responses to "2 PowerTeacher Pro Questions"


1. I dont think this is possible... I don't think it was possible in the old gradebook either but I could be wrong. :-).

2. I know that for sure this is NOT possible at the time. I know it is one of the most requested enhancements for PTPro.

PowerSchool is trying to force all teachers to try/use the Assignment list (default screen) They see this screen as a "to-do" list for the teacher. I am not sure I agree with their logic.  I have many teachers asking for the old score sheet to be their default screen. Right now there is no way to switch the default login screen.


1. It depends what the teacher wants docked 50%. If she wants the student's score to be docked 50%, I don't think it can be done. If she wants the score to automatically be 50% of the points possible, this is possible by creating a special code that uses the 'Assignment % Value' in a Special Codes grade scale that is tied to the grade scale for the section.

2. Adrian is correct.  I agree I don't know if I go along with PS's  logic wanting it to be a "to-do" list for teachers. But if teachers get in a habit of sorting the assignment screen by the 'Scored' column, they might find the screen more handy and helpful seeing which assignments have missing scores.

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It has been brought to my attention that parents and students are not able to see grades for individual assignments for the teachers that are on PowerTeacher Pro.  Is this a setting somewhere that I have missed?  Or does the teacher have to do something?  Thanks!
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We had this issue as well, and we solved by disabling customizations.  I have no idea why that works or what the connection is, but here is how you get to it:

Click System on the home page. Under 'Server' to System Settings. Then click Customizations.  If the box on that page is checked, uncheck it. 

We have found that our information on Dashboard doesn't sync when you disable it, so at times we will enable the customizations, sync, then disable it again so the assignments can be seen. Our Tech person has put a ticket in to PowerSchool about this issue. 

One of my teachers had an issue with students not seeing grades for particular assignments. We went to Edit Assignment and discovered "Count in Final Grade" was unchecked for a quiz and an assignment.

I've also noticed sometimes the students don't see grades in the PowerSchool mobile app. I'm guessing it might be a caching issue.

PS looks like it has a lot of bug fixes. Looking forward to that update tomorrow night.

Thank you both!  I really don't want to turn off my customizations so guess we will just have to wait for a fix.  Hopefully this weekend!

Unfortunatelly Jane I checked and all of the assignments are checked for "Count in Final Grade" 


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Good morning, I just found out that the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook does not allow individual teachers to set their round/truncate preferences for their gradebook. There is currently only a setting at school level.

I found an enhancement request regarding this missing feature. Please help me vote it up:

The quickest way to find it is to log into PowerSource, search "truncate" then click on the Enhancement request tab. 

Thanks for you help on this!

Kristi Kuhns
Norris School District 160

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